How to select your beverage

So you’ve decided to do a yoga class and add a bev – why not! Typically, the classes are best run within a brewery or distillery itself. That way, it’s much easier to sense the connection between the golden class of goodness that sits within your hands to where it was lovingly brewed. For whatever reason, it may not always be possible to host class within the brewery/distillery due to location or physical size of the space, etc. In those instances, your fridge door is wide open to selecting the drink of your own desires. Now what to choose…

To support conscious consumption practices, the ideal selection would be a craft beer/spirit/kombucha. This style of beverage has creativity, local love, and well, craft, backing it. Having a set up that’s local enables the community to gather around and you can often ask the brewer direct any questions you may have or see their processes for yourself. If you do select a mass produced beer or spirit, perhaps take a moment to find what it is you associate with that brand or what kind of social responsibility the brand is taking on. Recently, I saw that Corona had a massive beach clean up campaign so that was pretty cool to support.

Now, where do you get your hands on this craft beer or spirit, if not within the brewery or distillery itself? Many breweries and distilleries have direct online sales which is the best way to support. Alternatively, there’s Beer Cartel and The Gin Boutique which have a great range to choose from as well as subscriptions. 

Because I’m based on the Gold Coast, my local and favourite breweries are -

Distilleries - 

and bars...

Oh and Bucha of Byron for kombucha :)