Mindful drinking tools and resources

Whether it be our internal or external environment, there are particular motivators and prompts at play when we choose to pick up a drink. Are we internally feeling anxious and want to calm down? Are we externally surrounding by a large number of people with drinks in hand? How often is it that we want to simply sit and enjoy the taste?

Whatever the reason may be, we want to make our decisions conscious ones that don’t allow us to veer of the path of living our best lives. I recently came across a book by Club Soda which is called ‘How to be a Mindful Drinker’. The book is not for people who experience alcoholism, rather, it’s for the average person who is wanting to explore drinking habits further. It’s filled with insightful concepts and numerous worksheets/activities to cultivate want kind of goals you may or may not be looking for. Further, there’s the opportunity to participate in one of two online programs to work through.

If there’s insight to cut down drinks or stop altogether, there are some wonderful emerging non-alcoholic options emerging. This doesn’t just mean having soft drink or a kombucha, but zero ABV beers, wine and spirits!

I believe as though the intentions of this Mindful Drinking Movement are in alignment with beer yoga itself and look forward to watching this space grow!

Ref: https://joinclubsoda.com/