We're going virtual people!

Well we are certainly living in very interesting times... 2020 where did you come from?

The coronavirus COVID-19 is increasing anxiety for many of us and to reduce the curve, we're all playing our part to isolate and discontinue group classes.

So let me ask you, what is the desired feeling when attending a Happy Hour yoga class? To feel happy? yes? To feel connected with your mates? To feel like you can separate from a big work week and relax? Fortunately for us, we're still able to achieve this desired state of feeling through using our technology! We are very privileged human beings to have access to this and practice gratitude for not missing out much during this time.

Let's get amongst it... from my living room to yours... virtual Happy Hour Yoga and Happy Hour Yin yewwwwww! These two videos can be found in this online store and so long as you have high speed internet, you'll be able to stream these after the purchase. If you pop both classes in your cart, you'll get a cheeky discount.

All sales from the purchase will go directly to Reforest Now Australia. Personally, I haven't been financially impacted by the virus and I've been wanting to plan some other events to contribute to this cause which is now on the back burner. So whilst it might not seem related, what we'll find in the practice of yoga is that we're all connected to everyone and everything. Nothing is separate. Mother Nature needs to restore so let's support her!

To further support local brewers, check out the resources for Keeping Local Alive on The Crafty Pint website.

I hope you enjoy and I'm totally open to any feedback you may have.

Let's keep cool, collected and connected.